Caregiver Wellness

How do you do it all?  You have found yourself in the role of caregiver.  Sometimes it happens suddenly.  Other times it’s a realization that you’ve been a caregiver for quite some time but never thought of it as caregiving.  The little things we do for those we love can grow over time until one day you realize that you’ve been a caregiver for years and years.  But, you just thought you were being a loving spouse, child or friend.

Breathe!  Relax!  Namaste!  You’ve come to the right place.  Here you will find just what you need to start caring for yourself.  Everything from health & wellness, stress relief and respite care to inspiration and support.

We all have heard people say “you can’t take care of anyone else until you take care of yourself first”.  Well, we also know that’s easier said than done.   But, it is true.  There is no shortage of statistics on the effects of caregiver stress.  Consider this:

  • Family caregivers who experiences extreme stress tend to age prematurely. This stress can take as much as 10 years off a caregiver’s life.
  • 40% to 70%of family caregivers have reported clinically significant symptoms of depression.  And, roughly ¼ to ½ of these caregivers meet the criteria for major depression.
  • Approximately 72% of family caregivers report not going to the doctor as often as they should. 55% say they skip doctor appointments altogether.  And, 63% of caregivers have poor eating habits and note worse exercise habits than before caregiving responsibilities.

I hope you will find some tools, inspiration and support here to help you eliminate the effects of caregiver stress.  You are way too important to sideline yourself.  Take care of you!!