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She was on the kitchen floor with a broken leg for 8 hours before my Dad found her. My mom tried to move from the island in the kitchen to the sink but during that simple process, her leg snapped and she fell to the floor. She was there for the next 8 hours (with a broken leg) until my Dad found her.

The outcome may have been different if she had a medical alert system at the time. I wrote these MobileHelp Medical Alert Reviews so that you might find the right medical alert system before a crisis occurs.

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Who is MobileHelp

MobileHelp is an FDA-registered mobile medical alert company whose products are based on FDA Medical Device Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They are the first company to offer a mobile medical alert system and they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

MobileHelp is ranked #1 by many leading experts on medical alert systems. In fact, Consumer Reports states that MobileHelp has a reputation for the highest quality, affordable mobile medical alert systems out there. As a premier provider of mobile medical alert systems, MobileHelp offers three different systems to meet your specific needs.


How The MobileHelp Medical Alert System Works

The medical alert systems are integrated with nationwide wireless voice, data and GPS technology to provide real-time medical monitoring services and location tracking for quick, personalized emergency assistance while you are at home or away from home.


Review Summary and Rating

MobileHelp is considered a leading company in mobile emergency response system technology. They’ve built their entire business around keeping people safe and independent. With a customer base numbering tens of thousands, they have a reputation for effective, quality service.

They have a wide range of products to meet any need and lifestyle, including landline devices, cellular and mobile options.

Their medical alert equipment is modern looking and their sales team is professional and not pushy. I like the fact that they have all the latest technology including GPS, activity monitoring, medication reminders, and automatic fall detection options. In fact, you don’t even need a phone line as their products work on the cellular network.

One point worthy of noting is that AT&T cell coverage needs to be available in your area in order to take advantage of all their product offerings, except for MobileHelp Wired home which uses a landline.

MobileHelp has a lot payment options that are very reasonable compared to other medical alert companies. Overall, MobileHelp is an excellent option for you if you are considering a medical alert system.

I give MobileHelp Medical Alert Systems 4.6 out of 5 stars.  See my full review and summary below.

4.5 stars

Their Products

There are three main product classifications that the MobileHelp system provides for whatever your lifestyle is.  Let’s take a quick look at all three.


On The Go Protection

Complete Protection

In-Home Protection

The first product in their In-Home category is the MobileHelp Classic.

With the simple push of a button, you can request emergency help with the MobileHelp Classic System. This system is a cellular-only base station that comes with your choice of a wearable signaling device. The base station needs to be plugged in for power, and the emergency test and reset buttons are color-coded and easy to distinguish.

The wearable signaling devices can be either a wristband button that fits like a watch or a neck pendant. comes with an in-home base unit and a waterproof help button that can be worn in the shower for safety. This system works great for basic use around the home and guarantees 1,400 ft. of range for the signaling devices to activate the emergency alert.

You can also opt in for a fall detection button and medication reminder that alerts you through the systems speakers. Also, in the case of an emergency, first responders will be able to communicate through the system.

Features:MobileHelp Classic

  • In-home, cellular emergency device (no landline needed)
  • Easy installation
  • Wearable device with remote activation and a 1400 ft. range
  • Waterproof help button
  • AC power with ability to run on battery after charging
  • Two-way communication
  • Optional fall detection
  • Optional medication reminders

Plans Starting at $19.95/month

The MobileHelp Wired Home Package is the simplest and most straightforward product in MobileHelp’s arsenal. If you have a land line connection in your home, the device can easily plug in and offer up to 1,300 ft. of signaling range. This particular product does not require cellular service.

The device comes with your choice of a lanyard you can wear around your neck or a wristband with an emergency button on it. You simply need to wear the button so that you can push it any time there is an emergency.

Features:MobileHelp Wired Home

  • Landline connection hookup – no cellular signal required
  • Works with a wearable help button with two options (wrist or lanyard)
  • Up to 1,300 foot coverage area
  • Two-way communication capability in your home with built-in speaker
  • 24/7/365 emergency monitoring service
  • FREE lockbox with every order ($29.95 value)
  • FREE ground shipping on most plans ($15 value)

Plans starting at $24.95 / month

On-The-Go Protection

The MobileHelp Solo includes most of the features of the Classic bundled into a simple, small mobile device for on-the-go protection. This is the choice for someone with an active lifestyle.

With just a simple push of a button, you can get emergency help at home or away from home with the MobileHelp Solo System. This system uses GPS tracking technology so it knows where you are in the event of an emergency. This system includes a mobile unit for use in the home and on the go, and one waterproof help button that can be work in the shower for safety.

The mobile device features two-way speakers and GPS tracking so you’ll be able to communicate directly with first responders. The GPS ensures that responders can track your location in the event of an emergency and come directly to you.

Features:MobileHelp Solo

  • Easy installation / no land-line required
  • Cellular mobile emergency device for on-the-go use
  • GPS tracking
  • Wearing signaling device with 350 ft. of range
  • Cradle charger with AC power
  • Two-way communication
  • Waterproof
  • Optional fall detection
  • FREE Equipment – Equipment is included at no cost while actively subscribing to the service plan
  • FREE ground shipping
  • FREE lockbox with every order ($29.95 value)
  • No landline required
  • Uses the AT&T cellular network

Plans starting at $37.95 / month

Complete Protection

The Duo package combines the Solo and Classic packages, offering the Classic’s home-based base station and the Solo’s mobile base station. This package is great for people who want a reliable base station for the home as well as additional protection when traveling or on-the-go.

In the home, the Classic station provides 600 ft. of signaling range, and the Solo mobile devices provide 350 ft. of coverage. In an emergency, the user only needs to press their corresponding alert button to call for help and speak directly with responders. Though the Duo Package will come with two wearable signaling devices, these are usable interchangeably. If a user was in the home with both devices, the alert signal sends to the closest station.

Features:MobileHelp Duo

  • Easy installation
  • In-home cellular emergency device with 600 ft. of range
  • Base station uses AC power and has the ability to run on battery after charging
  • Cellular mobile emergency device for on-the-go use and 350 ft. of signaling range
  • Mobile device with cradle charger runs on AC power or USB
  • Mobile GPS tracking
  • Two-way communication for both devices
  • Optional fall protection and medication reminders
  • Remote activation
  • FREE Equipment – Equipment is included at no cost while actively subscribing to the service plan
  • FREE ground shipping
  • FREE lockbox with every order ($29.95 value)
  • No landline required
  • Uses the AT&T cellular network

Plans starting at $41.95 / month

For you and a spouse. Or, you and a roommate. If you share an address with someone, Mobile Duo can protect both of you.

Mobile Duo is the industry’s only bundled 2-for-1 GPS system that provides the freedom for multiple users to enjoy their lives with the peace of mind that comes from being protected at home or on-the-go. Can be paired with an automatic fall detection button for an additional $10 / month.

Features:Mobile Duo

  • Two Help buttons
  • Water repellent technology
  • 24/7 emergency monitoring service
  • Two-way communication in your home and away from home
  • Patented GPS technology
  • No landline required
  • Remote activation
  • FREE Equipment – Equipment is included at no cost while actively subscribing to the service plan
  • FREE ground shipping
  • FREE lockbox with every order ($29.95 value)
  • Uses the AT&T cellular network
  • No long-term contracts, no activation fee

Plans starting at $44.95 / month


Here’s what I like about the MobileHelp systems.

  1. No long-term contracts / can cancel at any time
  2. No equipment to purchase
  3. Fall detection option
  4. Medication reminder option
  5. No hidden fees
  6. FDA Registered
  7. A+ Better Business Bureau Rating
  8. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
  9. Free equipment, shipping and activation
  10. No contract and lifetime warranty

They also offer a risk-free 30-day trial period, with no long-term contracts or activation fees on all plans.



Here are some things to consider about the MobileHelp systems.

  1. Equipment replacement. If your system breaks, it can be expensive to replace the equipment if you don’t subscribe to their Mobile Connect Premium Service.
  2. No smoke and carbon monoxide options.
  3. No automatic tests. You can test the system manually however.



MobileHelp sets itself apart by its customizable extras. Every customer is eligible to use MobileHelp Connect, which is a suite of online tools to help families and caregivers monitor a senior’s well-being. Through MobileHelp Connect, users can see GPS tracking information from the devices where it’s eligible. GPS tracking can be especially beneficial for users with Alzheimer’s or dementia who might be at risk of wandering from home.

The database will also show system status alerts, non-emergency alerts and emergency alerts. This way, family members or caregivers can see that the system is operating properly and see if the user has activated an emergency alert.

The MobileHelp Connect portal is where you can schedule medication reminders if you’ve chosen that add-on service. You will also be able to see activity from the users fall detection button if you’ve opted for that service.

MobileHelp also includes a free lockbox with every purchase. The lockbox can be placed outside the home of the user with a spare key so emergency responders can easily access it if needed.



MobileHelp’s prices are right in line with their competitors in the industry. And, they do offer discounts for long-term customers. They also offer a lot of flexibility to customers by not requiring activation fees, long-term contracts or cancellation fees. They are extremely flexible which should allow you to find the perfect option for you.

Bottom Line Summary & Rating

  • Variety of products to fit individual needs
  • GPS Tracking for people on-the-go
  • Uses cellular / no landline needed
  • No long-term contracts - can cancel anytime
  • Free equipment, shipping and activation
  • FDA Registered and A+ BBB Rating
  • Fall detection option
  • Risk-free 30-day trial period
  • Equipment replacement


MobileHelp is a top contender in the medical alert industry. It has products and services to cover your safety monitoring needs for both in-home and on-the-go lifestyles. They stand out for their long list of extras, including MobileHelp Connect that allows family members and caregivers to monitor a user’s health and safety status. In my interactions with them they were very professional and extremely responsive. MobileHelp is definitely worth exploring as an option if you are in the market for a medical alert system.

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