Finding the right caregiver to care for your loved one is extremely important.  And, often times not an easy task.  And, if you’re not used to interviewing, it’s easy to make a bad hiring decision.  I’ve put together a list of the best interview questions for hiring a caregiver.  In addition, I will teach youRead More →

arm wrestling

You’ve probably heard that exercise and physical activity are good for you?  In fact, being physically active is one of the best things you can do for your yourself.  The health benefits of exercise and physical activity are many.  Regular exercise can prevent or delay disease, improve your mood and reduce your chance of injury.Read More →


How can I get paid being a family caregiver?  If you’re one of the 34 million unpaid caregivers providing care and assistance for a family member, this article is for you. As our population ages, more and more older adults are living and needing care longer.  And, they want to stay in their own homes.Read More →