Medical Marijuana For Seniors – No Longer the “Evil Weed”

Doctors across the country are calling for a re-think of current government policies, in terms of allowing medical research on medical cannabis, as elderly patients see dramatic results to treat pain.

Most seniors would tell you that smoking marijuana was not on their top 10 list of things to do.  But, some seniors with chronic, debilitating conditions are seeing positive results!  And, they are changing their minds.  Less pain, less stress and a reduction in opiate use are some of the positive outcomes of recent studies.

Doctors See Benefits of Medical Marijuana Treatments for Seniors

Marijuana does carry some social stigma.  Back in the day it was referred to as the “burning weed with its roots in hell”.  But, they are finding that seniors are very open to considering using marijuana if it can help alleviate pain and other symptoms associated with aging.

As one woman in the study said, God created the herbs of the earth and marijuana is one of them.

Please comment below if you, or someone you know, has benefited from the use of medical marijuana.

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