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Knowledge and training are key if you want to grow your career as a caregiver. Also, many states require that you go through training in order to apply for a job as a caregiver. While there are many paid certification courses out there, there is also online caregiver training free of charge to you. Let’s explore those options.

Why Caregiver Training is Important

online caregiver training free

Caregiver training courses significantly enhance the quality of care provided by equipping caregivers with essential skills and specialized knowledge. This leads to improved safety for both caregivers and care recipients, as well as a higher standard of personalized care tailored to specific health conditions. These courses cover a range of topics, including:

  • personal care techniques
  • disease management
  • safety procedures
  • and effective communication strategies

In addition to practical skills, caregiver training also addresses the emotional and psychological aspects of caregiving. By connecting caregivers with support networks and resources, training reduces feelings of isolation and promotes a sense of community. Courses often include:

Let’s take a look at some of the free online caregiving training programs.

Explore Free Online Caregiver Training Opportunities

Free caregiver training programs are valuable if you’re seeking to develop essential caregiving skills without the financial burden associated with traditional education programs. These courses, often offered by reputable organizations and accessible online, cover fundamental aspects of caregiving such as patient care, communication, and basic medical procedures. They are a great starting point if you are looking to enter the caregiving field or want to enhance your current skills.

Here are my picks for the best free online caregiver training programs:


Alison offers a range of freeOnline Caregiver Training Free courses, including those specifically for caregivers. Their caregiving courses focus on elderly care, dementia care, and caregiving skills. The courses cover topics such as caregiving roles and responsibilities, communication skills, personal care, and safety. They also provide information on specific conditions like Alzheimer’s disease.

The training format is self-paced online courses with video lectures, readings, and assessments. The training is free but there is a fee if you want a certificate of completion.


  • Alison has an extensive course library with detailed modules.
  • Self-paced learning allows flexibility.


  • Certificates require payment.
  • The training is more focused on general caregiving and specific conditions.

Go To Alison’s Free Caregiver Training


Coursera offers courses from variousOnline caregiver training free universities and institutions. For caregivers, relevant courses include those on healthcare, patient care, dementia, and palliative care. Courses cover a wide range of topics such as the basics of caregiving, mental health, chronic disease management, and medical terminology.

The training format is video lectures, readings, quizzes, and peer-reviewed assignments. Some courses offer interaction with instructors and other students. Courses are free to audit, but there is a fee for certificates and graded assignments.


  • High-quality content from prestigious universities.
  • Wide range of topics and specialization options.


  • Full access to features and certification requires payment.
  • More academic and less focused on practical caregiving skills.

Go To Coursera’s Free Caregiver Training

Caregiver Action Network:

Caregiver Action Network (CAN)Online caregiver training free offers various resources and training materials tailored for family caregivers. They provide practical tips, webinars, and articles on different aspects of caregiving. The content focuses on practical caregiving advice, emotional support, navigating healthcare systems, and specific conditions like cancer and dementia.

The training format is primarily text-based resources, videos, and webinars. No formal certification offered.


  • Practical, real-world advice from experienced caregivers.
  • Free access to all resources.


  • No formal course structure or certification.
  • Limited interactive content.

Go To Caregiver Action Networks’ Free Caregiver Training

Family Caregiver Alliance:

Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA)Online Caregiver Training Free provides educational materials, online classes, webinars, and workshops for family caregivers. Topics include stress management, financial and legal issues, communication strategies, and condition-specific care (e.g., dementia, stroke).

The training format is workshops, and downloadable resources. They do not offer formal certification.


  • Focused specifically on family caregivers.
  • Comprehensive resources on a variety of caregiving topics.


  • No formal course structure or certification.
  • Mostly text-based with some video content.

Go To Family Caregiver Alliance’s Free Caregiver Training

Securing Certification in Caregiving: When and How

Now, what if you need a certification for caregiving.? And, when do you actually need one?

The answer lies in the type of care you’re aiming to provide. For more specialized roles, such as working in a care home or handling medical tasks, certification often becomes a necessity. Also, many states require caregivers to be certified. So, make sure you check to see what your state requires.

You should also consider the return on investing in a certification. While it may require time and perhaps even a financial commitment, it’s not just about meeting job requirements. A certification can pave the way for career advancement and higher pay. Remember, investing in your skills is also an investment in your future in the caregiving field.

Certification courses can provide:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Often includes detailed and extensive training.
  • Certification: Provides official certification upon completion, which can be beneficial for employment.
  • Accredited: Many paid courses are accredited by professional organizations.
  • Specialized Training: Offers specialized modules on areas like dementia care, palliative care, and home health aide training.
  • Support and Resources: Access to instructors, study materials, and peer support networks.

My Picks for Online Certification Courses:

Institute for Professional Care Education (IPCed) | which is now Relias Academy: Offers comprehensive certification courses for caregivers and home health aides.

CareAcademy: Provides certified caregiver training with various courses that meet state requirements.

American Caregiver Association: Offers nationally recognized caregiver certification programs.

In Summary

Although they may not offer certification, the knowledge gained from free caregiver training resources can significantly impact the quality of care provided to those in need. So, choose something that resonates with you. Your commitment to learning is what will ultimately define your caregiving journey. And when you’re ready to take your skills to the next level or if your career path requires certification, consider one of the certification courses.

Let me know in the comment section below how your caregiver training journey is unfolding and what program you found best for you.

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