Dressing Aids For The Elderly

My mom was always fiercely independent. When she became disabled due to MS, we did everything we could to ensure she was able to do as much as she could when it came to activities of daily living. The simple activity of getting dressed should not be a constant struggle for seniors or a reason they lose independence. I have put together a list of the top 10 dressing aids for the elderly that are smart and easy ways for seniors to dress themselves.

Most of these aids are simple and inexpensive tools that make the task of getting dressed easier and safer. They are excellent for those who have decreased mobility but are also handy for people needing short-term help while recovering from hip or knee surgeries.

The Dressing Stick is a long wooden dowel with special hooks on each end that can be used for dressing tasks. People with arthritis who have limited upper extremity movement will find this easy to use dressing tool helpful for a variety of tasks.

On one end is a vinyl coated push-pull hook end that helps grab shirts, jackets, pants and other clothing. The vinyl coating protects the user’s skin and will not snag delicate fabrics.  The other end has a small “c” hook that is ideal for pulling zippers and untying shoelaces.

Dressing sticks are often recommended by therapists and other healthcare professionals for users who have difficulty reaching or limited mobility. This simple tool can make life a little easier when it comes to dressing. 

The Soft Grip Button Aid Zipper Pull has a large handle that people with limited use of their fingers and hands will find easy to hold. This double-duty dressing aid has a built-up soft grip rubber handle, a formed wire buttoning aid at one end and a brass hook at the other end for pulling zipper tabs.

The soft foam grip handle provides a more comfortable gripping surface.  The combination button aid and zipper pull with soft foam handles is a helpful dressing tool for people with limited use of their hands and fingers.

The Myself Belts One Handed Black Belts have a patented, easy to secure closure that is easy for users with one hand, or anyone who has difficulty closing a standard belt. These adapted, genuine all leather black belts help caregivers increase dressing independence and self care for people who have difficulty buckling a standard belt. They come in brown too!

The belts are available in a variety of sizes: 30/32, 32/34, 34/36, 36/38, 38/40, 40/42, 42/44, 44/46, 46/48 inches. Specify size for waist measurement. Sizes are waist measurements where the pants rest on the body, not the true waist. Adult Myself Belts run slightly small. If you are choosing between two sizes, we recommend to size up!

The Juvo Long Dressing Stick Shoehorn is a combination dressing aid and long handle shoe horn that helps make dressing and undressing easier. People with arthritis, or limited mobility, will find this adapted dressing tool with hooks helps to pull and push clothing and is comfortable to grip and easy to use.

The Juvo Long Dressing Stick Shoehorn was designed by occupational therapists to allow users to easily reach and put on clothing and shoes. The 5 inch wide, curved head has a distinctive push side to help push off a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The other side has a hook that helps users to pull up a pair of pants or pull on a shirt, blouse, sweater or jacket. The curved head is also useful to reach items and pull them closer, or for someone in a seated position to easily push and pull drawers, doors, retrieve clothing from the floor, closet or shelf. The curved shoehorn helps users with putting on and taking off shoes and socks.

The Vive Sock Aid holds it shape and keeps the sock open for people with arthritis to easily slide their sock on their foot. The indented channel on the inside guides the heel and keeps the foot in position.

This extra wide sock aid is ideal for people with larger feet or edema. To use this sock aid, slip the sock over the end that does not have the strap. The black textured circle on the back of the sock aid holds the sock in place. While sitting down, lower the sock aid to the floor in front of your foot using the strap. The Rigid Sock Aid holds it shape and keeps the sock open. Slip your toes into the opened sock and pull the strap until your foot is completely inside. Continue pulling the strap until the sock is all the way on and the sock aid slides out of the sock.

Economy Hip/Knee Replacement Kit

Economy Hip/Knee Replacement Kit – 4 Pieces

Economy Hip/Knee Kits feature recommended ADL (Activities of Daily Living) items for patients recovering from hip or knee surgery or injury. Each kit contains items recommended by Occupational Therapists for increasing dressing and bathing independence for people with arthritis.

  • Includes a Plastic Sock Aid with Foam Handles, 26″ Reacher, 17″ Plastic Shoehorn, and a Blue 18″ Handled Sponge

The Sock-eez makes it simple and easy to remove socks, stockings and hosiery without straining a muscle. It is an assisted daily living dressing aid, developed and designed for those who suffer from Lymphodema, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Arthritis and Edema.

The elderly and the physically challenged also benefit from the use of this remarkable, ergonomic dressing aid that removes the thickest and tightest compression hose with one easy strain free motion. 

Never have trouble removing your compression socks and stockings again. The new and innovative Sock-eez™ makes it simple and easy to remove socks without straining a muscle. Great for athletic socks, knee-highs and traditional dress socks too!

Coilers Elastic Shoelaces put an end to tying your shoes! These stretchable shoe laces are ideal for anyone with arthritis or decreased finger dexterity. Once in place, just pull to tighten, and these elastic coils keep shoes secure yet comfortable.

Coilers Elastic Shoelaces are easy to use, curly shoe laces designed to convert lace-up shoes into slip on shoes for people who have difficulty tying standard shoelaces. These comfortable stretch laces allow the feet to move naturally, and do not create pressure points on the top of the feet. The stretchable shoe laces fit shoes that have up to eight pairs of eyelets. Coilers Elastic Shoe Laces are sold in pairs and are available in white, black, tan, and brown.

Buy 3 or more and Save $. Click on Quantity Discount Pricing Above.

The Juvo Reacher Grabber Tool is a lightweight, heavy-duty reaching aid that is available in 20 and 30 inch lengths. The durable construction of this grabber makes it suitable for using indoors and out.  My mom loved hers!  She would always try to grab me with it.  🙂 

The patent pending design helps reduce muscle stress and joint strain in the hands and arms.  The jaws rotate 360 degrees to help make retrieving objects easier without stretching, bending, or stooping. The Juvo Reacher Grabber Tool is an innovative reaching aid that helps users to safely reach small objects and retrieve things that are too high or far away. Choose from 20 or 30 inch lengths.

The Long Handle Shoe Horn Sock Remover combines two dressing tools – a long handle shoe horn and a sock removing aid. This easy to use dressing aid is design to help users with arthritis who have difficulty removing their socks and shoes.

People with arthritis who have difficulty bending will find the Long Handle Shoe Horn Sock Remover helpful for increasing their independence when dressing.

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