Dressing Aids For The Elderly

My mom was always fiercely independent. When she became disabled due to MS, we did everything we could to ensure she was able to do as much as she could when it came to activities of daily living. The simple activity of getting dressed should not be a constant struggle for seniors or a reason they lose independence. I have put together a list of the top 10 dressing aids for the elderly that are smart and easy ways for seniors to dress themselves.

Most of these aids are simple and inexpensive tools that make the task of getting dressed easier and safer. They are excellent for those who have decreased mobility but are also handy for people needing short-term help while recovering from hip or knee surgeries.

The Dressing Stick is a long wooden dowel with special hooks on each end that can be used for dressing tasks. People with arthritis who have limited upper extremity movement will find this easy to use dressing tool helpful for a variety of tasks.

On one end is a vinyl coated push-pull hook end that helps grab shirts, jackets, pants and other clothing. The vinyl coating protects the user’s skin and will not snag delicate fabrics.  The other end has a small “c” hook that is ideal for pulling zippers and untying shoelaces.

Dressing sticks are often recommended by therapists and other healthcare professionals for users who have difficulty reaching or limited mobility. This simple tool can make life a little easier when it comes to dressing. 

The Soft Grip Button Aid Zipper Pull has a large handle that people with limited use of their fingers and hands will find easy to hold. This double-duty dressing aid has a built-up soft grip rubber handle, a formed wire buttoning aid at one end and a brass hook at the other end for pulling zipper tabs.

The soft foam grip handle provides a more comfortable gripping surface.  The combination button aid and zipper pull with soft foam handles is a helpful dressing tool for people with limited use of their hands and fingers.