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If you are caring for an elderly loved one or have hired a caregiver, having a care plan in place is essential. I will show you how to create a care plan and provide you with a senior care plan template that you can download and customize.


What is a senior care plan

A senior care plan is a document that professional caregivers and care providers use to make sure their loved one is receiving the proper care and resources to improve their quality of life and remain independent as long as possible.

It also ensures that all members of the family and care team are on the same page regarding health care and living arrangements and that everyone understands their role in the care process.

The care plan should be accessible to everyone on the care team and should be updated daily. Caregivers and family members should document daily tasks as well as overall observations or any changes in their condition.


Things to consider when building your care plan

1. Assess your loved one’s abilities

The first thing you want to do is assess the current abilities of your loved one. What activities of daily living (ADL’s) and tasks can they do themselves and what do they need assistance with. Identify their needs and then understand what their goals are. Then, you can create a list of tasks or activities that will help them reach their goals.

2. Assess their medical needs

Most in-home caregivers and family members do not have medical training. If your loved one has specific medical needs you may want to consider having a home health nurse come in on a periodic basis to tend to those needs.

My mom needed to be cathetered two to three times each day and that is considered medical (or invasive) in nature. Since my in-home caregiver was not able to do that, I would catheter her in the morning and then when I returned home from work. The caregiver would tend to her other needs while I was away from home.

3. Create your plan of care

Your care plan should take into consideration the items above as well as your loved one’s daily routine. This will help you determine how much care you need and as well as what hours during the day you’ll need help.

The care plan template below can be downloaded and used as a guide when creating your plan.


What to include in your care plan

Emergency Instructions

Document who to call in the event of an emergency and provide contact information. Also, give detailed instructions as needed such as where to find advanced care directives, etc.

Detailed Service Plan

This is where you will document the dates and times that care will be provided and who is responsible for the care during those times.

Services to be Performed

Be specific about the tasks and duties that should be performed while the caregiver is there. List things like do laundry, make beds, prepare lunch, etc.

Other Service Providers

Create a list of other service providers that may be coming to the home such as the pool man, landscaper, etc.

Medical Conditions

Be specific about any medical conditions your loved one has and provide instructions on special care or attention needed. This will also be important to have should an emergency responder need access to it.

Goals and Interests

A lot of time we forget what our goals are for having a caregiver in the first place. It is important to write down those goals so everyone stays focused on them. A goal could be as simple as making sure that your loved one does as much as she can by herself to maintain independence.

List of Medications

Write down all the medications your loved one is taking and when they need to be taken. Keep in mind that most in-home caregivers are not able to administer medication but they can remind your loved one to take them at the right time.


Download your free senior care plan template

Having a care plan in place is important to make sure your loved one stays healthy, safe and independent. It also provides a way for everyone on your care team to stay on the same page and communicate with each other.

Click on the button below to download your own senior care plan template and customize it for your family’s needs.

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