Father’s Day Gift Ideas For an Older Dad

Father’s Day is one of those holidays that get more special as dad gets older. It’s a time to reflect on how important he is as well as on the influence he’s had on our life. I’ve put together a list of Father’s Day gift ideas for an older dad, along with some activities, to help you find the perfect way to honor the special man in your life.


Activities for the active dad

If you live near your dad or are able to visit him on his special day, you may want to consider some special activities to do together. Now that most places are opening back up after the pandemic shut-down, enjoying a nice meal out would be a treat.

In addition to a dinner out, most active dads tend to enjoy activities like golfing, fishing, and bowling. There are also plenty of fun, low-key activities like miniature golf, cornhole, lawn bowling, and horseshoes.

More ideas:

  1. Take a walk together through nature. A nice leisurely hike on a hiking trail, through a park, or just through the neighborhood can be a great time to catch up and create another memory.
  2. Visit a local sightseeing spot or a local museum.
  3. Treat him to a relaxing massage or an old-fashioned shave and a haircut (2 bits).
  4. Take a walk through a local mall. I’ts air-conditioned, has plenty of restrooms, and has plenty of places to get food and drink.


Activities for dad’s who are home-bodies

Some older adults have a more difficult time getting out of the house. If your dad prefers to stay in, here are some ideas to consider.

Suggestions to consider:

  1. Have family or friends over for a relaxing backyard BBQ or a potluck.
  2. Get a takeout meal delivered from his favorite restaurant.
  3. Play games! There are plenty of fun card games or board games that will keep you and the entire family busy for hours.
  4. Watch dad’s favorite sports team on TV and have plenty of snacks on hand.
  5. Watch a favorite classic movie together or maybe a new blockbuster film.


Father’s Day gift ideas that are senior-friendly

Who doesn’t like a nice gift? Here are some ideas your dad is sure to love.

Fun Gifts

  1. A new deck of large print playing cards
  2. Easy NY Times crossword puzzles
  3. Games, puzzles and trivia teasers
  4. For dad’s with memory issues, try Bingo designed exclusively for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s

Gifts for dad’s health and safety

  1. MobileHelp medical alert system
  2. Reminder Rosie, the alarm clock that will remind him what to do so you don’t have to
  3. 7-day pill organizer box starting at $12.99
  4. LUNA adult weighted blanket proven to be therapeutic

Gifts to make his life easier

  1. Extra-long shoehorn starting at $20
  2. Rechargeable razor for no-more-cuts – Phillips Norelco wet/dry rechargeable razor
  3. Oral-B Pro electric toothbrush
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